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Lovitt Records lov23 Four Hundred Years The New Imperialism

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Daron Hollowell
guitar and vocals
Dave Jackson
guitar and vocals
Ash Bruce
Fall 2000
Spring 2001

With their newest effort, The New Imperialism, Four Hundred Years have balanced acute commentary and self-perception. The first recording with Bull on bass from the band Policy of Three, this latest and last effort blends subtle, cutting irony and a call for social action. Not lost are their trademark furious rhythm section and commanding dual guitars combined with an explosive delivery that exits nearly as soon as it begins.

On The The New Imperialism, Four Hundred Years return to the incendiary, rawer qualities of their first album while drawing inspiration from a diverse palette, a palette ranging from social critic John Berger to the recent protests in Philadelphia. Not content with simply exposing societal deficiencies, The New Imperialism ends Four Hundred Years' highly influential legacy with a renewed optimism, an optimism fueled not by wishful thinking but by the concern and dedication of socially conscientious individuals. Four Hundred Years' valediction reflects a hope, an expression that they are willing to step out and grow.

  1. If You're a Joke I Don't Get It
  2. The New Imperialism
  3. How About We Both Stop Lying to Each Other
  4. They Weren't Hiding It At All
  5. Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out
  6. Philadelphia
  7. Who is Driving This Thing Anyway?
  8. Sleepwalker
Recorded at
Sound Of Music (Richmond, VA)
Produced by
Four Hundred Years & Jonathan Fuller