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Lovitt Records lov29 Dame Fate Time and Tide Wait For No Man

Yalan Papillons
bass and vocals
Melissa Farris
guitar, keyboards, vocals
May 29th, 2002

Don't let the sparseness of the traditional guitar, bass, and drum kit set-up catch you off guard: Dame Fate is a trio prepared to impress and captivate listeners unaware. Time and Tide Wait For No Man, Dame Fate's debut full-length, is an exercise in deceptive simplicity and shimmering beauty. The group features a member of renowned pop group Tuscadero and has been described as a blend of Chrissie Hynde, Mazzy Star, and My Bloody Valentine. Hailing from Washington, D.C., the three women weave rumbling bass lines with ethereal guitar flourishes to produce an album whose solid pop core is overlaid with hints of melancholy and wistfulness.

Yalan's rich alto complements the beautiful meanderings of guitar and sharp drum beats. Alternating between a hush and a roar, her voice perfectly captures her lamentations of lost loves and passions both reciprocated and unrequited. Yalan's poetic vocals, coupled with herparticularly resonant bass tones, swirl and spin into an elegant and pensive reverie.

Melissa uses her guitar to layer on strings of hypnotic interludes, and Speck's traps provide crisp and textured counterpoints. Melissa's guitar glides over the lush vocals, at times occupying the main soundscape and then suddenly fading into the background with carefree embellishment. Speck's drums snap with immediacy and partition Yalan's sustained voice.

  1. Crisp Winter
  2. Forget Him
  3. River Letters
  4. Lovely Drug
  5. Stealing Hearts
  6. Poison Wings Of A Butterfly
  7. Ceilings
  8. Lights Out
Recorded by
Phil Manley & Jerry Busher
Mastered by
Chad Clark @ Silver Sonya