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Shelby Cinca
guitar, piano and vocals
Stevie Kille
bass and vocals
Stephen McCarty
drums and vocals
Jennifer Potter
background vocals
September 16, 2002

The Cassettes' self-titled CD is at its core a pop album. Not that it relies on the ol' 1-4-5 formula at all. On this release, the quartet comprising former and current members of Frodus, Dead Meadow, and Weird War has surrounded its irresistible center with lush, layered vocals and slight elements of garage rock and psychedelia. The Cassettes steer away from former projects to shape raw, catchy gems guaranteed to stick in your head for a long time to come. Rock 'n' roll bite and electricity charge each attention-grabbing song on the album, and every track brims with relentless energy.

This first full-length album by The Cassettes succinctly captures the sound of positive, unfettered youth. Refreshingly free of anything remotely melancholy, they rely on a thick sound of twin guitars anchored by an ambling bass line and driven beats. The Cassettes burst and crackle with animated abandon, alighting their album with one blistering track after another; it's uncommon and remarkable to witness a group come out of the gates with such unrestrained vigor.

With heads bobbing and toes tapping, The Cassettes bring an exuberant vitality sadly lacking in much of the current music scene. This vitality recalls select themes found in the music of the Beatles, Todd Rundgren, and Badfinger and melds them into something fresh and striking. Critics and the casual listener alike will be undoubtedly and unabashedly captivated by The Cassettes' zeal and fervor.

  1. (Intro)
  2. How Can It Be So Bad?
  3. Girl With X-Ray Eyes
  4. The Good Times
  5. Twelve Minus
  6. Alright With The Days
  7. The Sound
  8. Ghost In A Lost World
  9. Afternoon
  10. The Improbably Solution
  11. Miracle Of Birth