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Lovitt Records lov33 Decahedron Disconnection Imminent

Joe Lally
bass and vocals
Shelby Cinca
guitar and vocals
Jason Hamacher
April 19, 2004

Decahedron started in 2001 as a project between Jason Hamacher and Shelby Cinca, both formerly of the DC punk band, Frodus. Upon the breakup of Frodus in 1999, the two convened work on musical projects with various collaborators. After some time apart, they reunited again along with longtime Fugazi acquaintance Joe Lally, whom Shelby initially met after recording two albums for DC's Dead Meadow . Lally and Cinca wrote and recorded their musical concepts and sent them via email to Hamacher, who was in Europe and Asia at the time and listened to the MP3s and responded. After Hamacher's return to the US, the long-distance project was now a band and the group released a three-song CDep on Lovitt Records in late 2002.

The trio spent eight months of recording intermittently in their home studio in 2003 and finally completed a full-length album, Disconnection_Imminent.

Disconnection_Imminent is an extension of ideas hinted at in the CDep. With more bravado, the album is kinetic but measured. As an unconscious reaction to overt falsity and the current stream of commerce, Decahedron lashes out to create a political record that lacks neither intelligence nor passion. Lally's trademark sinewy bass lines and Hamacher's lockstep drumming are the perfect foil for Cinca's taut guitar work. Decahedron combines sharp invective and blistering ferocity to produce one of the most memorable full-length debuts in recent memory.

  1. Delete False Culture
  2. No Carrier
  3. Module 1
  4. Pay No Mind
  5. Not These Homes
  6. Every City Is A Prison
  7. Burning Lights
  8. Lt. Col. Questions Himself
  9. At The Corner Of...
  10. Dislocation
  11. Endings
Recorded at:
Mystic Gnome Mobile Studios
Mixed by:
Decahedron & Brian McTernan
Mastered at:
Sterling Sound