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Lovitt Records lov35 Fin Fang Foom With the Gift Comes the Curse

Michael Triplett
guitar and keyboards
Michael Glass
Eddie Sanchez
bass, keyboards and vocals
Winter 2003
May 27th, 2003

Hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Fin Fang Foom returns with a much more somber long-player in With the Gift Comes the Curse. Their second full-length, With the Gift Comes the Curse, is a dark, piano-driven set of songs anchored by melancholy vocals with rich delivery. This new album captures hypnotic drones and transforms them into something compelling and riveting.

The vocals are subdued and effective, with swirling guitar and keyboard lines producing a concentrated fog of activity. The album is propelled by unconventional rhythms and beats that skitter around vivid melodies. Fin Fang Foom has succeeded in reining in disparate elements of their earlier efforts and condensed them into formidable, weighty pieces. These songs are cohesive and collected into an arrangement of solemn design.

Listeners will be captivated by doleful wails that rise and fall under surging melodic lines. While dark in nature, Fin Fang Foom doesn�t let the mood lapse into bleakness; there is simply too much action to let inertia glide in. Rather, this talented trio has created a work of dimmed, expressive beauty hypnotic to witness and hear, a beautifully subdued effort that springs forth from a quiet turmoil.

  1. The Jetties
  2. In Harm's Way
  3. Cruel and Unusual
  4. Lifted
  5. How To Make A Monster
  6. Yesterday Doesn't Exist
  7. Plastic Fangs
  8. Instruments Of Fear
  9. N.C. Blackout
Recorded by:
Andy Baker
Produced by:
Fin Fang Foom & Andy Baker
Mastered by:
Chad Clark @ Silver Sonya