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Lovitt Records lov39 Rah-Bras EPs

Isabellarah Rubella
synth and vocals
Boo Rah
bass and vocals
Jean Rah
drums and vocals
September 13th, 2004

Rah Bras return with their first release on Lovitt Records in three years with EPS, a remastered collection of their three out-of-print EPs originally released on Lovitt, Vermiform, and Lungcast Records. They establish and fortify their unnerving pageant of synthy hooks, primal beats, and bravado in this sumptuous release, a release that serves as both bookends for their 2001 full-length on Lovitt (EPS compiles their earliest and most recent material). Ever impossible to categorize, Rah Bras bundle elements ranging from opera to Bollywood to new wave into one irresistible montage.

EPS is a sampler of sorts, offering a smattering of the different genres that Rah Bras recklessly traverse. Bold and invigorating, they refract their points of reference through infectious rhythms and their unconventional vocals. Rah Bras are bombastic and scattered, always allowing for different listens upon different encounters. EPS offers reinterpretations of musical conventions that have become stale or mundane, especially in their live, mashed-up cover of the Isley Brothers' "Contagious."

This collection is as the Rah Bras should be heard. In a dizzying, helter-skelter whirl of activity, Rah Bras pump through these 18 songs with verve and tension. First-time engagements may come across as confusing to new listeners, while longsuffering fans will rejoice at this collected output. Skittered drums, throbbing bass, and brash keyboards are Rah Bras' hallmarks, and they never sounded so good.

  1. FYC
  2. Water Damage
  3. Bus Stop
  4. Great Garden
  5. Blimp (De Fook-Oh)
  6. The Fifth Allen
  7. Nasty, Freak
  8. R.C.M.
  9. Poisson
  10. Dead Bass Thing
  11. Jim, The Spelunker
  12. Oui, Oui, Oui
  13. Business Inspirational
  14. The Troubles Should Be Died
  15. Subtlights
  16. Pancheerah
  17. Skin=Chronized
  18. Tokyo Bus Stop