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Lovitt Records lov41 Bats & Mice A Person Carrying A Handmade Paper Bag..

Ben Davis
bass and vocals
David NeSmith
guitar and vocals
Luke Herbst
Winter 2004
May 31, 2004

With their new CDep, A Person Carrying A Handmade Paper Bag is Considered As A Royal Person, Bats & Mice have fully realized their potential and produced a work that is invigorating and fresh. Originally started as a side project between three members of Sleepytime Trio, the group released their first, self-titled CDep. When Jonathan Fuller left the band, Ben Davis and David NeSmith recruited Ash Bruce and Daron Hollowell, formerly of Four Hundred Years, and released their first full-length, Believe It Mammals. Hollowell and Bruce left the band in 2003 and are currently concentrating on Delegate, their newest project. With the drummer position vacant, Davis and NeSmith welcomed Luke Herbst as the permanent replacement.

A Person Carrying A Handmade Paper Bag is Considered As A Royal Person possesses a clean, polished sound reflecting a band that has pursued a leaner sound. Now more fitted and crisp,the CDep's four songs pop and crackle with irresistible energy and verve. The intricate vocal stylings and versatile ranges of Davis and NeSmith continue to astound listeners, while Herbst's experience as a drummer in a variety of genres ranging from garage rock to dark, crushing metal lays an essential foundation for the pieces and adds a propulsive, driving element to them. As a result of meticulous song writing and critical ears, Bats & Mice have crafted a sound that is barely controlled and imminently memorable.

  1. The Royal Paper Bag
  2. Military Smile
  3. Even And Then Some
  4. Around What's Done
Recorded by
Ian Whalen
Produced by
Bats & Mice & Ian Whalen