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Lovitt Records lov42 Engine Down Engine Down

Keeley Davis
guitar and vocals
Jonathan Fuller
guitar and vocals
Jason Wood
bass and vocals
Cornbread Compton
Winter/Spring 2004
September 13th, 2004

Engine Down's fourth and self-titled full-length is a breath of fresh angst-ridden air for the indie rock underground. Produced by Brian McTernan (Thrice, Hot Water Music), Engine Down is an incredibly strong and creative album. The time and hard work the band invested in this album is evident on every track. Each song is a perfect combination of jagged, soaring guitars, melodic vocals, and unrelenting drums, with strings and piano heightening the arrangements and intensifying the dynamic power of the album. They have crafted an album that is rawer in every way, reflecting exactly who they are: a ragged bunch of fellows with half-destroyed amplifiers, pouring themselves into their music night after night. It's all they know and love. The new album will win over new ears as well as satisf long-time fans.

This vinyl edition of the full-length CD on Lookout! Records is on special 180-gram audiophile viny

  1. Rogue
  2. And Done
  3. Control Group
  4. Cover
  5. In Turn
  6. Long Time Waiting
  7. Too Much Of A Good Thing
  8. 101
  9. The Walk In
  10. Standby
  11. Well Read
  12. Etcetera
Recorded at:
Salad Days Studios
Produced by:
Brian McTernan & Engine Down
Vinyl Mastered At:
John Golden Mastering