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Lovitt Records lov45 Navies An Estate

Sean McGuinness
Ed Brant
guitar and vocals
Mike Petillo
guitar and vocals
Spring 2005
June 13th, 2005

An Estate, the new CDep by Navies, offers a brief and intriguing glimpse into a young trio brimming with intensity and precocious depth. Mining a vein of rich influences ranging from punk and post-punk to European psych-rock, Navies have crafted a work that uses these genres as mere touchstones; they are too savvy to wear them baldly on their collective sleeve. In An Estate, the Washington, D.C., trio has deconstructed its influences to produce something ambitious and captivating.

What is so exhilarating about the five-song mini-album is its calculated synthesis of divergent elements into a fresh, urgent whole. Rather than veering into self-indulgence, feedback and drone layer on top of propulsive rhythmic work to produce songs that exhibit an aggressive grace. Navies' CDep is a richly textured exploration of disparate rudiments and their permutations, and they intend to reclaim a sonic space that is intelligent with an underpinning drive.

  1. An Estate
  2. Split Infinitive
  3. Wire-Up The Jaws
  4. Illegal Flights
  5. A Surveyor's Measure