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Lovitt Records lov46 Decahedron 2005

Shelby Cinca
guitar, vocals
Jason Hamacher
drums and percussion
Jake Brown
bass and vocals
Spring 2005
June 13th, 2005

2005 finds Decahedron launching off their stunning debut full-length, Disconnection_Imminent, in a textured and exploratory direction. A six-song CD recorded with Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios, 2005 is a sonic reaction to a political landscape dominated by insatiable power and limitless deception. The mini-album's tracks are a continuation of Decahedron's impassioned and pointed assault on puppet presidents and shadowy superstructures.

Decahedron's hard-hitting salvos on power, greed, and the role of technology aiding each of them are complemented by their unrelenting, punishing sound. Jake Brown (Moments in Grace) contributes bass tracks on 2005, adding a thickly detailed underpinning behind Jason Hamacher's ballistic drum work. Shelby Cinca's jagged guitar sounds and frequent use of delay, echo, and effects contribute to an overall unsettled sound, a reaction to contemporary panic and unease. Rounding out 2005 are reworked, charged covers of Cop Shoot Cop and Bauhaus songs.

CD includes a full edited set from their 2004 MACROCK performance (quicktime)

  1. Movement A
  2. Terrhetoric
  3. We Are The Virus
  4. Cause And Effect
  5. Scopes
  6. Agless
Recorded at
Inner Ear Studios
Produced by
Decahedron & Don Zientara
Live Set Shot by
Bifocal Media