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Lovitt Records lov47 Rah-Bras WHOHM

Isabellarah Rubella
synth and vocals
Boo Rah
bass and vocals
Jean Rah
drums and vocals
Nov 7th, 2005

Rah Bras begin again with their latest album, WHOHM. For the last decade, the trio has been spelunking the nether regions of pop, pomp, and punk on a smattering of EPs and 2001's full-length, Ruy Blas!. Their genre-defying audio promiscuity has fermented into the anvil-drop-rock of 2005's WHOHM. Heavy synths grind and squeal upon pure propulsion as lyrics wax solipsistic over the cyclical nature ofall modren man's foists and foibles. With rogue song structures and plenty of surprises around every corner, Rah Bras continue to master the art of not boring themselves by subjugating the rock idiom to their every whim. Both bizarre and strangely accessible, WHOHM achieves the rare genius of genuine creation in a realm fraught with endless reference and carbon-copy replication of tired ideas.

  1. As She Rah
  2. Skin=Chronized
  3. No Furture
  4. Herculine Androgyn
  5. Venis
  6. No Wonder (Bread For The People)
  7. War Ribbing Ode
  8. Monde Sewer Cholera Net
  9. No Lime
  10. Mother, Put The Wheel Away I Cannot Spin Tonight