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By: jon overman about 7 years ago permalink

thx for distributing this great record!

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Lovitt Records lov54 Glos Harmonium

glös started as a laptop file exchange between Keeley Davis (former front man of Engine Down and bass/synth player for Denali and currently in Sparta) and Cornbread Compton (former drummer of Engine Down, Biology, and currently Heavens). After collaborating on over 20 songs and never having physically played the songs together in a rehearsal environment, the duo invited Keeley's sister Maura Davis (former front woman of Denali) to join the project and to add her beautiful, sultry vocals to the songs. If it weren't for file sharing, none of the songs would have grown into the theatrical landscapes that they have become, since each member was working full-time on different projects in different states.After two years of writing and refining Keeley Davis sums it up best: "Our longtime relationship with Lovitt Records allowed a sister, brother, and dear friend from opposite corners of the country to create a record without boundaries via independent creativity and the Internet."

  1. Unharmed
  2. Public Speaker
  3. Hell Hath No Fury
  4. Employee
  5. Telepathy
  6. Entre
  7. Tainted
  8. Between You And I
  9. Driver
  10. Counting Sheep
  11. Agnosia