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Resin re011 El Guapo Phenomenon of Renewal

"The Phenomenon of Renewal" is El Guapo's first full-length effort and last before keyboardist/accordionist Pete Cafarella joined the band. It was recorded in the fall of 1998 by Davis White to ADAT at two different home studios in suburban Virginia. "The best record we ever released," said Carleton Ingraham of Resin Records in 2011.

1. El Guapo 1
2. Eighteen Benedictions
3. Delia Had A Sickness
4. About Two Dreams
5. Jacob P. Silverstein
6. An Opener Of Doors: A Friend Of GM Flash
7. Graduate School Application
8. Shannon Whirry
9. On Behalf Of J. Arbenz
10. Symbol/Object
11. The Gospel Of Q
12. Dead Week