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Akashic sp001 Pat Graham Silent Pictures

144 pages, softbound book, Akashic Press
Photography by Pat Graham with a forward by Ian MacKaye and an afterward by Cynthia Connolly.

Pat Graham has been a photographer for nineteen years and spent several years working with us here at Dischord. His photography centers around musicians and has been featured on dozens of albums for many different labels (and is well represented throughout this website). Pat spent years on the road with bands, especially Modest Mouse, capturing all aspects of being a musician (playing music, and living the life). Silent Pictures, his debut book, covers this ground and more, featuring photographs of Modest Mouse, Fugazi, Slant 6, Bikini Kill, Lungfish, Unrest, June of 44, and many more.

Pat currently lives in London, England where he continues taking pictures and running 96 Gillespie, the gallery he co-founded with his wife Melanie Standage.