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The Mod Subs were one of Richmond’s original punk bands. They formed in the spring of 1980 and stuck it out for a little over a year. Mike Rodriguez played lead guitar; Jeff Keezel, bass; Hal Imburg, drums; and Dave Lewis was the singer. This long-lost master reel was originally recorded and mixed after-hours in the basement studio at Union Theological Seminary, where Keezel worked a day job as an AV tech. The tracks are a mix of originals, early punk covers, and a couple of re-purposed American classics. It’s presented as it was originally released, a mixture of live-in-the-studio songs recorded two, three, four at a time without a break, and inter-cut with a few samples from movie soundtracks. The last three songs were recorded live at a local club and capture some of the joy and chaos of a Mod Subs show.

  1. Speed
  2. Red White and Blue
  3. Video Idiots
  4. I Don't Wanna
  5. Disease
  6. White Minority
  7. Media Zombies
  8. Red London
  9. Hard On
  10. Wanna Be Your Dog
  11. Gasp For Air
  12. First I Gotta Learn to Play
  13. Crepe Hair Woman
  14. Suburbanite
  15. Black Boot
  16. New Wave Shit
  17. Get Vacant
  18. Pink Flamingo (Live)
  19. Can't Handle the Load (Live)