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Stiff Slack sts122 Fin Fang Foom Native Tongue

Michael A. Triplett
Michael C. Glass
Edwin A. Sanchez
Fall 2006

Fin Fang Foom's long awaited follow up to With The Gift Comes The Curse (Lovitt) is a 5 song EP for the Japanese label Stiff Slack. It is also their first release since adding a cello player to the band. The band has refined their ominous yet graceful sound. In the tradition of Slint, the band seeks a bleak windswept beauty in its tumultuous but steady instrumental passages, which are anchored more by echoing piano lines than in the past, while offsetting those sections with heartfelt vocals. The EP was released in Japan to support an upcoming tour Fin Fang Foom will be doing there. The band will also be doing shows and touring the US through out the winter and spring.