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Bed Maker


Amanda MacKaye - Vocals
Arthur Noll - Bass
Jeff Barsky - Guitar
Vin Novara - Drums
Bed Maker

Bed Maker's origins date back to summer 2019, when bassist Arthur Noll (Light Beams, Kid Congo Powers) and drummer Vin Novara (The Crownhate Ruin, 1.6 Band), each having played in Alarms & Controls, invited guitarist Jeff Barsky (Insect Factory, Time Is Fire) to collaborate and see what might happen. By autumn, they invited Amanda MacKaye (Desiderata, Routineers) to join them, and the chemistry was immediate. In February 2020 at DC's Rhizome, Bed Maker played their first show and then paused their activities the following month, as did most people. Bed Maker resumed playing shows in November 2022.

Photo by Chris Grady

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