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Holy Rollers

(Winter 1989 - 1995)

Marc Lambiotte - vocals, guitar
Joe Aronstamn - vocals, bass, guitar
Maria Jones - vocals, drums
Ed Trask - drums
Chris Maynard Bopst - bass
Holy Rollers

The Holy Rollers debuted opening for Fugazi at the Wilson Center, a hall in the basement of a former church in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Washington, D.C. in 1989. 

The early ’90s saw the D.C. underground becoming increasingly politically aware and the Holy Rollers were one of the more active bands. The Holy Rollers may not have been the first D.C. punk band to feature all the members on vocals, but certainly they were the first to sing three-part harmonies. Open to collaboration, they performed and recorded with a spoken-word artist, Juliana Luecking, and often invited friends into the studio. 

In the early ’90s, drummer Maria left the band to move to San Francisco and was replaced by Ed Trask, a friend from Richmond, Virginia. They later asked Chris Bopst, to play bass and Joey moved to second guitar. This line-up appears on their later releases.

Photo: unknown