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Lovitt Records lov09 Sleepytime Trio Memory Minus

Sleepytime Trio's sound brings to mind a vision of a world verging on chaos only to be held together by the slimmest measure of order. A tour de force, Memory-Minus shows a group bent on distilling their volatility into calculated fury and bravado. This album is a collection of Sleepytime Trio's total work, including their 12" EP on Lovitt, various 7"s, and compilation appearances, as well as several live shows from their European tour in 1997. Members went on to Bats & Mice, Rah Bras, Supine to Sit, Engine Down, Milemarker and many more!

Ben Davis
bass and vocals
David NeSmith
guitar and vocals
Drew Ringo
guitar and vocals
Jonathan Fuller
Originally Released:
CD Remastered: