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Mud Memory Records mud01 El Guapo The Geography of Dissolution

This album is now available for download for the first time.

"The Geography of Dissolution" is the only document of the eight months El Guapo spent as a four-piece in 1999. Two live sets — one recorded by Davis White at the Black Cat in D.C., another recorded in New York at Tonic by Damon Caldwell — chart the group's transition from art-punk to the avant-garde. Damon died shortly before the record's release, and "Geography of Dissolution" is dedicated to his memory.

Pete Cafarella
accordion, keyboard, vocals
Rafael Cohen
guitar, oboe, English horn, vocals
Justin Moyer
bass, drums, vocals
Nate Smith
drums, glockenspiel, vocals

1. Mappie
2. South Of No North
3. Dut-No-Dut
4. Zelda
5. Minimal Improv (English Horn)
6. The Snowmen
7. Mumbley
8. John Hinckley Knew This One
9. Go For It Like Xtreme! Sports
10. Bow-E
11. Collage/Charty #1
12. Cholera! Cholera!
13. Topix On Tape
14. Sector #1
15. Sector #2
16. Sector #3
17. Sector #4
18. Sector #5
19. Information Session
20. Sector #6
21. Sector #7
22. Sector #8
23. Sector #9