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(Spring 1981 - Summer 1990)

Peter Stahl - vocals
Franz Stahl - guitars
Skeeter Thompson - bass, vocals
Kent Stax - drums

Baileys Crossroads, Virginia lays just a few miles outside of D.C., but in the 1980s it was far enough to make it seem like a different world. The Virginia suburbs suddenly stepped up with the formation of Scream.
There were punk shows being thrown in the basement of the Scream House and the D.C. bands, always looking for a place to play, were making the trek out to what was known as 'BXR'. Scream, like most of the bands in D.C., had been extremely influenced by the Bad Brains, but they seemed to be more advanced musicians and had more of a rock and roll sensibility than the others. In 1982, they went into Inner Ear Studio with Ian and Eddie to record Dischord's first full length album, "Still Screaming".

Scream released four albums on Dischord (as well as one on RAS Records, "No More Censorship") and continued to play until the beginning of the '90s, doing a number of U.S. and European tours. They made a few line-up changes, including the addition of their friend, Harley Davidson, on second guitar, and, when Kent left the band, they asked a young drummer from Mission Impossible and Dain Bramage, Dave Grohl, to take over. After a number of years with "the Scream team", Dave went on to Nirvana and the Foo-Fighters.

David Grohl - drums on #83
Robert Lee Davidson - guitar on #15.5 & amp; #25
Photo: Scream by Naomi Petersen

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