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Update: Since the beginning of 2013 we've picked up the pace and are now adding new show recordings to the site weekly instead of monthly. Hopefully, this pace will continue until we have the complete collection of over 800 concert recordings available for download. We've now uploaded well over 750 recordings. You’ll find the most recent additions listed on the left side-bar, and also on the main itinerary marked in green. Check back weekly for more shows.

Between 1987 and 2003, Fugazi played over 1000 concerts in all 50 states and all over the world. Over 800 of these shows were recorded by the band's sound engineers. The goal of this project is to make each of these recordings available to download for a small fee. A searchable archive lists each show along with available photos, flyers and general show info. Each listing with a download offers a streaming preview of material for sound quality as well as the reading and posting of comments on the show and the recording.

The size and scope this archive dictates that it will remain a semi-permanent work-in-progress. We welcome visitors to contribute photos, recordings, corrections, and any additional info that may be missing from specific shows. Please see the About section for information about contributing content.

The standard suggested download price is $5 a show but we also offer a sliding scale option where you can set your own price, and an All Access site membership.

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1996 US/Japan/Hong Kong/Australia Tour

Date City, State Country Venue Recorded? Available?
Nov 15, 1996 Sydney , NSW Australia Sydney University Yes Yes
Nov 16, 1996 Newcastle Australia Cambridge Hotel Yes Yes
Nov 17, 1996 Sydney , NSW Australia Metro Theatre Yes Yes
Nov 18, 1996 Wollongong , Australia Youth Centre No No

1997 Spring Regional Dates

Date City, State Country Venue Recorded? Available?
Apr 29, 1997 Baltimore , MD USA University of Maryland Baltimore No No

1997 East Coast USA Tour

Date City, State Country Venue Recorded? Available?
May 01, 1997 New York , NY USA Palladium Yes No
May 02, 1997 New York , NY USA NYU Loeb Center Yes Yes
May 03, 1997 Philadelphia , PA USA Electric Factory Yes Yes
May 04, 1997 Durham , NH USA University of New Hampshire M.U.B. Yes Yes
May 05, 1997 Clinton , MA USA St. John's Gym Yes Yes
May 06, 1997 Providence , RI USA Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Yes Yes

1997 Summer Australia/New Zealand Tour

Date City, State Country Venue Recorded? Available?
Jun 13, 1997 Canberra Australia Anu Bar Yes Yes
Jun 14, 1997 Sydney Australia Manly Youth Center Yes Yes
Jun 15, 1997 Sydney , Australia Metro Theatre Yes Yes
Jun 17, 1997 Melbourne Australia Lava Lounge Yes Yes
Jun 18, 1997 Melbourne Australia Lava Lounge Yes Yes
Jun 19, 1997 Ballarat , Australia Old YMCA Yes Yes
Jun 20, 1997 Geelong , Australia Courthouse Yes Yes
Jun 21, 1997 Brisbane , Australia Roxy Yes Yes
Jun 23, 1997 Lismore Australia Lismore Uni Yes Yes
Jun 25, 1997 Darwin Australia Time Tavern Yes Yes
Jun 27, 1997 Auckland , New Zealand Powerstation Yes Yes
Jun 28, 1997 Wellington , New Zealand Victoria University Yes Yes
Jun 29, 1997 Nelson New Zealand Nelson Arts Centre Yes Yes
Jul 01, 1997 Dunedin New Zealand Room Yes Yes
Jul 02, 1997 Christchurch , New Zealand Caledonian Hall Yes Yes

1997 Summer Brazil/S. America Tour

Date City, State Country Venue Recorded? Available?
Aug 05, 1997 Piracicaba , Brazil Blue Galeria Yes Yes
Aug 06, 1997 Sao Paulo , Brazil Broadway Yes Yes
Aug 07, 1997 Vitoria Brazil Camburi Clube Yes Yes
Aug 09, 1997 Brasilia Brazil Teatro Garagem Do Sesc Yes Yes