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Fugazi Live Series to Launch December 1, 2011 - Now Up in Beta


The Fugazi Live Series website officially launches on December 1, 2011. The site is currently up and running in beta form but is only visible to Dischord account-holders (this "user-only" restriction will be lifted and a menu link from the Dischord home-page will be added in the coming days).

Fugazi played over 1000 concerts, covering all fifty United States, Europe, Australia, South America, Japan and many points in between. Over 800 of these shows were recorded by the band's sound engineers, often on high quality recording gear.

The Fugazi Live Series is a complete online archive of these concerts. Show pages will feature data from the concerts and (when available) related photos, flyers and MP3 downloads. The goal is to make the shows available to browse for free or to download for a small fee. Initially the band will release 130 downloads (101 new shows plus 29 of the shows released on the now out-of-print Fugazi Live CD series). Additional downloads, photos, flyers, etc. will be added regularly until the entire archive is available.

In keeping with the band's philosophy of keeping music affordable, the suggested price of a concert download is $5. However, we also offer a sliding scale option where you can set your own price. Additionally, we offer an All Access option that will allow you to download every show on the site - that would include all 130 presently available downloads as well as all subsequent shows that will be added to the site over time.

Fugazi Live Series is a wing of the Dischord Records website and utilizes the secure Dischord online store for payment and delivery of the downloads. The site was designed and produced by Dischord's Alec Bourgeois and was developed by Jerrod Blavos of RecCenter. All shows were mastered by Jerry Busher except the 30 shows initially released on CD, which were mastered by Fugazi. Thanks to Peter Oleksik, Lindsey Hobbs, and Amy Breesman for their expertise and help organizing the Fugazi archive. And a special thanks to the many photographers who have generously shared their work.

Now Shipping New Office of Future Plans, The Evens, & Soccer Team Releases


We are now shipping regular orders for our newest releases: The Evens, 2 Songs 7 Inch (Dischord 170), Office of Future Plans, Self-titled CD/LP/MP3 (Dischord 173), and Soccer Team, 3 Songs 7 Inch (Lovitt 70). It has been an incredibly busy month with these releases coming on the heels of the Faith and Void releases. Thanks to all for supporting these great albums!

The Evens, Office of Future Plans & Soccer Team Pre-Orders Now Available


Our busy fall schedule rolls on...we are now accepting pre-orders for the following new releases:
The Evens, 2 Songs 7 Inch (Dischord 170)
Office of Future Plans, Self-titled CD/LP/MP3 (Dischord 173)
Soccer Team, 3 Songs 7 Inch (Lovitt 70)

We will begin shipping these releases a week before the November 21st release date. Digital tracks will be activated once the orders are marked as "shipped".

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