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One Last Wish and Faith/Void LPs Now Available


The One Last Wish album 1986 is now available on 12"LP for the first time. We also now have the newly remastered Faith/Void 12" LP (on colored vinyl) available.
Both Albums have been re-cut at Chicago Mastering Service and represent the first of many of our 12" LPs that will be remastered and recut in the next weeks and months.

20 Years Of Dischord "Bonus Tracks" Compilation Now Available


This MP3 Compilation is an update to the 20 Years of Dischord Box Set featuring the 14 bands who have had releases since 2000. This compilation is also being offered as a free download with the purchase of the 20 Years of Dischord Box Set.

Free Egg Hunt Tracks For All Dischord Account Holders


In July we relaunched our website to enable the direct sales of MP3 downloads. We knew that our longtime customers would appreciate being able to purchase digital music directly from us but we have been pleasantly surprised by how quickly the new site and our Digital Credits system has been embraced by new and old visitors alike. As a small token of our appreciation for taking the time to visit and create a new account we have added the songs from the Egg Hunt single to every one of our customers' personal accounts to download for free.
Every new customer who creates a new account will also have these tracks automatically added to their personal account. You will find download links to these tracks by logging in and clicking on My Account and looking under My Digital Tracks.

Edie Sedgwick/Justin Moyer Tour Journal


Edie Sedgwick (aka Justin Moyer) keeps a very entertaining tour journal which can be found at the Brightest Young Things website.

Things Are Getting Sinister & Sinisterer was released in the USA on November 10, 2008 on LP+MP3 only (no CD). The 12" LP of this album comes on orange vinyl and includes a free download.

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