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DeSoto Records Sale


In an effort to make a bit more room on our distro shelves, we’re having another sale. Everything we carry from DeSoto Records is being sold at a reduced price: CDs are only 5 dollars, and seven inches are only 2 dollars.

For those not familiar with Desoto, here’s the lowdown:
The label was started by the band Edsel back in the early ‘90s as a means of self-releasing their first 7 inch. When Jawbox got started, Kim Coletta asked the Edsel folks if she could use the DeSoto name for the first Jawbox single. Edsel agreed, and from there the label blossomed into what Kim called a “full-time labor of Love.”

Here’s a list of the releases we have left:

Candy MachineTune International
This is a band that I hope is never forgotten. My brother and I used to see them from time to time at D.C. Space ‘cause they were part of the Baltimore/Lungfish contingent. They had this one song where the singer, Peter Quinn, shouted, “One-Two, Jesus Christ! Discipline will suffice!” We couldn’t get enough of that one live, and my brother used to regularly shout that on mics during Most Secret Method soundchecks. Years later, while driving for Channels on tour, we stayed with Derrick Buisch (who played bass for Candy Machine from 1990-’92) in Madison, WI. While there, he was kind enough to burn a Candy Machine CD for me that featured that “one two Jesus Christ” song. Super nice guy, too. Incidentally, Derrick is the cover artist for the Office of Future Plans full-length.

Big Heavy StuffBirthday
I’d write a review for this one, but I’ve actually never listened to it. However, I do know that they’re from Australia, which is the same country that gave us The Saints, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Birthday Party, and AC/DC. Now, I’m not saying that Big Heavy Stuff sounds anything like those bands, I’m just saying that if you’re up for taking a chance, Australia’s got a pretty great legacy for music.

Edie SedgwickHer Love Is Real … but She Is Not
This is the second full length from Edie Sedgwick, capturing an era of Edie that I’m pretty fond of. Here, she sticks to a singular theme: Hollywood royalty. Edie’s live show at the time was solo, super loud, and pretty amazing. Routineers played with Edie in Richmond around the time this record came out, and as we watched her performance with the rest of the audience, I couldn’t help but notice that we were all doing the same thing – we were bobbing our heads in time with the music and looking around the room, catching eyes with strangers as if to say, “Hey! Are you seeing this? I’m not the only one seeing this, right?” The shows were incredible, and played at a face-melting volume. And even though Edie’s moved to a new phase in her career now – I have to say, the current live show is not to be missed; it’s better than ever. The jam on this record is “Robert Downey, Jr.”

The Life and TimesSuburban Hymns
If you’re a fan of Shiner, you’ll like this. I highly recommend it.

Doris HensonGive Me All Your Money
Here’s another one that I’ve never listened to, so I don’t know how to describe it. I do like the title though.

JunoThis Is the Way it Goes and Goes and Goes
While this is a great record in its entirety, the jam on this release is the second song, “Rodeo Programmers”. Totally worth it for that song alone. Great lyrics, to boot. Seems they’re complaining about “repetitive soft-hits” on the radio, and the soulless music from a “mess of dilettantes and malcontents.”

MaritimeGlass Floor
This band started playing in 2003 and features Davey von Bohlem and Dan Didier from The Promise Ring, along with Eric Axelson from The Dismemberment Plan on bass.

The Dismemberment Plan/JunoSplit CD
This CD either came out in conjunction with a tour that actually did happen with both bands … or maybe the tour was planned and then got canceled after Arlie Carstens from Juno literally broke his neck (he’s better now, by the way; he made a full recovery). I can’t remember the details, so maybe I’ll update this post after I make some phone calls (if you can remember these two bands touring/performing together, feel free to leave a comment below). What I can remember, however, is that I was asked to illustrate a poster for Dismemberment Plan and Juno’s shared European tour, and my design was shot down. Every time I stumble into the drawing tucked away in a portfolio, I have to say … I still like it. But I suppose my aesthetic isn’t for everyone, so no love lost.

Various ArtistsPlay, Compilation CD
Kim Coletta put this comp together after the birth of her son, and the project was designed to create cool music for children. I can only imagine it was a response to some of the amazingly “uncool” music promoted and pushed down the throats of parents and children alike.
The CD features songs by Channels, Mudhoney, Mary Timony, Supersuckers, Soccer Team and more.

Okay. As Always, thanks for reading.


Current Art on Display by Daniel Higgs and a Free E.D. Sedgwick Song


Daniel Higgs is exhibiting new artwork at James Fuentes Gallery in New York City. For more information, check the James Fuentes Gallery website (here).
Act fast if you’re in the area … the show is only up until July 25th.

A compilation featuring a live recording by E.D. Sedgwick is available for free streaming and download (here). The comp, Snacky Tunes Live Vol. 2, consists of fifteen songs by fifteen bands.

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