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Channels’ “Open” and “Waiting For The Next End of the World” Out Now on Vinyl


Originally released on CD by DeSoto and Dischord Records respectively, Channels’s six-song Open EP and full-length debut Waiting For the Next End of the World are now available on LP for the first time ever, courtesy of Germany’s Arctic Rodeo Recordings. Both records have been pressed on colored vinyl and include a full-color insert and a CD version of the album.

Puff Pieces Debut Single Out Now on Lovitt Records


Justin Moyer and Mike Andre – both formerly of Antelope – have formed a new band with Amanda Huron (Caution Curves, Vertebrates) called Puff Pieces. Earlier this year, they recorded a 4-song single with Devin Ocampo (Medications), which is available now via Lovitt Records. You can listen to their song “New Nazis” here.

Store Update: Puff Pieces, The Wedding Dress, Skull Defekts, Coup Sauvage & the Snips


Puff Pieces4-Songs

Mike Andre and Justin Moyer – both formerly of Antelope – formed Puff Pieces with Amanda Huron (Caution Curves, Vertebrates) in 2012. Since then, the band has popped up regularly on bills in D.C., performing a unique, high-anxiety brand of minimalist music. This four-song single was recorded, mixed, and mastered in just four hours with Devin Ocampo (Medications, Faraquet). You can check out the song “New Nazis” here.

The Wedding DressLoom/Heavy Earth

The Wedding Dress is an outlet for the songs that Maps & Atlases guitar player, Erin Elders writes during his "math-pop" band's fleeting downtime. It’s a distinctly different affair, though -- more layered, plaintive and measured than anything else in his catalog. The 7" is a limited edition teaser for a full-length due out in the fall.

Skull DefektsDances in Dreams of the Known Unknown

Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown is the third release from Swedish experimental/punk quartet Skull Defekts to be made in collaboration Daniel Higgs (Lungfish, The Pupils). Here, Higgs joins vocalists Joachim Nordwall and Daniel Fagerstroem in a set of songs that draw from psychedelic music, punk, folk dances, and free improvisation. It's a worthy successor to their 2011 effort, Peer Amid, which was also released via Chicago's Thrill Jockey Records.

Coup Sauvage & The SnipsSneaks

The debut single from Washington, DC-based ensemble, Coup Sauvage & the Snips. Two electronic pop songs that draw equal inspiration from of '60s Motown, '70s European variety TV, and the "Solid Gold" dancers from the '80s.

Jawbox's "Novelty" Now Available for Pre-Order


The vinyl reissue of Jawbox’s second full-length, Novelty, is now available for pre-order. Records will ship slightly in advance of the May 6th release date. Any additional items ordered will be held and shipped in the same package.

Chain & the Gang's "Minimum Rock 'n' Roll" Now Available For Pre-Order


Chain & the Gang’s new LP, Minimum Rock ’n’ Roll, is now available for pre-order. The record is due out May 13th via Radical Elite and will be exclusively distributed by Dischord in the US.

Pre-order copies will ship slightly in advance of the official release date. Any items ordered with the record will be held and shipped in the same package. You can preview the song “Devitalize” here.

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