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Fugazi’s “First Demo” and Rollins Band’s “Life Time” Now Available For Pre-Order


Fugazi’s First Demo and the vinyl reissue of Rollins Band’s Life Time — the latter out via Rollins’ label, 2.13.61 — are now both available for pre-order. Records will ship on or near the November 18th release date. Any additional items ordered will be held and shipped in the same package.

Stream Fugazi’s “Merchandise” here.

Store Update: Ancient VVisdom, Wormwood, Beastmilk


Ancient VVisdom - Sacrificial

The third full-length from Cleveland, Ohio-based death-rock ensemble, Ancient VVisdom. On Sacrificial, the band backs away from the occult-folk style that guided its previous effort and embraces the sound of ’80s heavy metal.

Beastmilk - White Stains on Black Wax

A re-issue of a three-song single by Finnish outfit, Beastmilk. Music that takes influence from early ’80s post-punk acts like Bauhaus and Joy Division. Originally released on vinyl in 2011 by the Finnish label, Svart.

Wormwood - S/t

The full-length debut from Boston-based sludge/doom ensemble, Wormwood (which features members of Doomriders). Dark and intense reverb-soaked music that was recorded, mixed, and mastered 100% analog.

Store Update: Roomrunner, Jail Solidarity


Roomrunner - Separate

Six new songs from Baltimore-based quartet, Roomrunner. Recorded with J Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines), these songs find the band taking up a more collaborative approach to songwriting and shifting toward a more overtly melodic sound. It’s still plenty heavy, though. Recommended. You can preview the songs here.

Jail Solidarity - Pretty Good Privacy

The second cassette EP from Washington, DC-based trio, Jail Solidarity. Four slow, and sludgy songs featuring former members of D.C.-based outfits Body Cop and Mary Christ.

(Aaron Leitko)

Slant 6 “Soda Pop*Rip Off” LP Out Now


Slant 6’s debut album Soda Pop*Rip Off is back out on LP and available for purchase now via Dischord Direct. The records have been pressed on red vinyl and remastered by TJ Lipple.

Soul Side to Perform Reunion Shows in December


In December, Soul Side will reunite for the first time in 25 years to perform a handful of concerts in conjunction with the premiere of the DC punk rock documentary, Salad Days.

The band’s long out-of-print Dischord releases Trigger and Bass·103 have recently been compiled onto a single LP, which is available now.

Find the complete date and venue information here.

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