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Store Update: Downtown Boys, The Apes, Ar-Kaics, Mrs. Magician


Downtown Boys - S/t

Four fast and chaotic saxophone-driven punk rock songs from Providence, RI-based sextet, Downtown Boys. Recorded by Priests guitarist G.L. at Swim Two Birds in Washington, D.C. and released via Sister Polygon Records. Recommended, but if you don’t want to take my word for it, there’s a nice little write up on it over at Yellow Green Red.

The Ar-Kaics - Make It Mine

Two more moody garage rock tunes from Richmond, VA-based trio, The Ar-Kaics, which features former/current members of Chain & the Gang and The Shirks.

The Apes - Bodies

These brand new recordings from D.C.’s much-missed heavy rock outfit, The Apes, find the band reunited with their original vocalist, Paul Weil, for the first time since 2005. Heavy on the fuzz and creepy, wheezing keyboard tones, both songs – “Bodies” and “Ooop Ahhh” – are about as weird and excellent as anything the band released during its initial run.

Mrs. Magician - Friday Night

Tasteful, but retro-minded ’60s-style pop with gloomy undertones from San Diego, CA. These two songs follow up the band’s debut LP, Strange Heaven, which arrived in 2012 via Swami Records.

(Aaron Leitko)

Jawbox's "Novelty" and Chain & the Gang's "Minimum Rock n Roll" Out Now


The vinyl reissue of Jawbox’s second full-length, Novelty, and Chain & the Gang’s brand new record, Minimum Rock n Roll, are both out now and available for purchase via the Dischord webstore.

Chain & the Gang will also be touring Europe throughout May and June. Those dates are available here.

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