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New Medications Album Scheduled For April 2010


Medications have wrapped up recording and mixing their new album, Completely Removed, and if all goes as planned it should be released on CD/LP/MP3 in April 2010. This album documents a new phase for the band with Chad Molter and Devin Ocampo covering all the writing and most of the instrumental duites following the departure of Andrew Becker. They are joined live and in the studio by longtime friend and musical swingman Mark Cisneros. Completely Removed represents a bit of a departure from the band's signature off kilter rockers and dives headlong into more uncharted waters with what we think are absolutely thrilling results. Stay tuned!

Read more about Medications on their website.

Dischord At Rock-N-Shop Rescheduled for Tonight (Dec. 22) At Black Cat


Dischord will have a table at the Black Cat's annual Rock-N-Shop garage sale tonight December 22. This has been re-scheduled from last Saturday night because of the snow. We will have all of the newly re-issued vinyl for sale as well as many more CDs, LPs, posters and other goodies. This is a free event so come on by and say hello!

Scream To Play Black Cat In Washington DC


Scream, featuring the original line-up of Pete and Franz Stahl, Kent Stax and Skeeter Thompson, will be performing at the Black Cat in Washington DC on Sunday December 21st. This show was first scheduled on the Black Cat's smaller "Backstage" but sold out so quickly that the band agreed to move it to the Main Stage (where tickets ARE still available).

Scream's first album, Still Screaming was re-issued on white vinyl last March. There are also reports that Dave Grohl (who drummed with Scream in their post-Dischord era) is interested in re-mixing the long lost "No More Censorship" album (originally released on RAS Records) for re-issue sometime in the future.

Jawbox Play The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon


Jawbox reunited last night for a performance on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. The Late Show website has videos of their three performances (Savory was aired on the show and FF=66 and 68 were performed for rehearsals). Dischord and Desoto teamed up to re-issue their seminal album For Your Own Special Sweetheart on November 24th.

Holiday Shipping Reminders


During the high-volume holiday season packages can sometimes take longer to arrive from the USPS than normal. Packages sent by Media Mail usually arrive within 7-10 days under normal conditions, however in rare instances they can take up to 3 weeks. If it is important for your order to arrive by a certain date you may want to consider using the First Class or Priority delivery options.

Also be advised that our delivery estimates are based on the date your order is shipped and not the date it is ordered. The vast majority of our packages go out within 48 hours (and in may cases well before that) but once they are out the door a specific delivery date cannot be guaranteed.

Gift Packaging for Vinyl: Please note that Basla routinely removes vinyl albums from their covers before shipping them to prevent the periodic tearing of covers from records moving inside their sleeves. If you're ordering vinyl as a gift and would prefer for the record to remain in its shrink-wrap please include a note and we'll keep it sealed for you.

Daniel Higgs Art Exhibit At Mountian Fold In NYC


"The Hieroglyphic Ideal" paintings and drawings by Daniel Higgs (Lungfish) will be exhibited at the Mountain Fold Gallery in NYC from December 10 until January 9th. The Opening reception is Thursday December 10th from 7-9PM.

Mountain Fold is pleased to announce the opening of The Hieroglyphic Ideal, a show by Daniel Higgs. In Higgs' paintings and drawings, celestial bodies, plants, internal organs, animals, humans, and other elements from the material realm convene to form a visual symbology. Like hieroglyphs, his art constructs a system that can express emotion and tell stories that are otherwise uncommunicable in extant language. By imbuing the real with the imaginative, he offers a mythological, fantastical interpretation of our present surroundings.

Gallery hours: Wednesday through Saturday 1:00- 7:00pm or by appointment.

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