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Daniel Higgs Art Exhibit At Mountian Fold In NYC


"The Hieroglyphic Ideal" paintings and drawings by Daniel Higgs (Lungfish) will be exhibited at the Mountain Fold Gallery in NYC from December 10 until January 9th. The Opening reception is Thursday December 10th from 7-9PM.

Mountain Fold is pleased to announce the opening of The Hieroglyphic Ideal, a show by Daniel Higgs. In Higgs' paintings and drawings, celestial bodies, plants, internal organs, animals, humans, and other elements from the material realm convene to form a visual symbology. Like hieroglyphs, his art constructs a system that can express emotion and tell stories that are otherwise uncommunicable in extant language. By imbuing the real with the imaginative, he offers a mythological, fantastical interpretation of our present surroundings.

Gallery hours: Wednesday through Saturday 1:00- 7:00pm or by appointment.

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