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M'Lady's Records Singles Now in Stock


We are now carrying all of the in-print singles from M'Lady's Records, the folks who brought you the brilliant Felt Letters single. We now have stock on the following releases:

City Center, Cops Don't Care single
Druid Perfume, Other Worlds single
Bad Thoughts, Oh Jena single
Explode into Colors, Coffins
Mutating Meltdown, Fantasy

See all M'Lady's stuff on the Dischord site: here
Visit the M'Lady's website: here

New Medications Album Available In Europe April 5, USA April 20th (updated)


The new Medications album, Completely Removed, is now available in shops, digital outlets and here at the Dischord webstore.

Completely Removed documents a new phase for Medications with Chad and Devin covering all the writing and most of the instrumental duties following the departure of Andy Becker. Not surprisingly the album represents a departure from the band's signature off kilter rockers. The advantage of being able to record and mix the album over several months at Devin’s home studio, Treehouse, enabled the band to focus more time on arrangements and production. This is not to say Medications have lost their edge -the new material dives headlong into new musical territory with thrilling results.

Medications also has a newly re-designed website:

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