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New tape from Imminent Frequencies


The latest release from Imminent Frequences, who brought us a very popular Zomes tape late last year, features Jacob Long from Mi Ami and Black Eyes. Earthen Sea's Waves is a cassette with "Radiation" on Side A and "Ocean / Stormy" on Side B.

Black Eyes released their self-titled debut full-length LP on Dischord. They followed it up with Cough in 2004. The first time I heard "Deformative" from the s/t album, I was hooked.

I've been more than impressed with what the former band members have accomplished since. Both Jacob and Daniel Martin-McCormick played in Mi Ami and put out a slew of records - Steal Your Face and Watersports, to name a few. Jacob left the band last year, but Martin-McCormick and bandmate Damon Palermo recorded Dolphins, which will be released on Thrill Jockey in 2011.

The Warmers Featured on the DCist "Secret History" Series


The DCist Blog features a fine write up of The Warmers in their Secret History series. DCist describes the series as such: "Secret History profiles classic D.C. albums as a way of looking back at the District's contributions to music over time."

New Stuff From Dismemberment Plan, M'lady's & More


The long-awaited Emergency & I reissue from the Dismemberment Plan is here, for the first time on vinyl! Former Q and Not U member Chris Richards wrote a nice piece - with a personal touch - on the band's reunion for the Washington Post.

There's a fresh batch of singles from the M'lady's crew. Buoy, the second release from La La Vasquez, a trio of London ladies in harmony. For something on the shoutier side, check out the Landlord Song 7" from Portland, Oregon's Magic Johnson.

There's a 4-song 7" from noisy Brighton, UK, band The Sticks, Scrapes, and something new from Coasting, whose single The One We Both Like received a lot of positive feedback from both customers and stores. This new one's called Same Old Same Old.

And finally, we've got the debut 4-song 7" from DC-based rockers Beasts of No Nation. The band features Andrew Black, who had a stint in Title Tracks and put out a 7" of his own, and Mike Schleibaum of Darkest Hour. Also features members of Majority Rule and Trial by Fire.

Dischord Records 4.0 Beta Is Now Live


We have just installed a major upgrade to the internal structure of the Dischord Records website that we hope will better enable us to serve the excellent content that we have to offer. We are thrilled to present some new features which include: single file album downloads, one page check-out, commenting, a new mail-order blog and an entirely new Stuff We Sell store interface.

However, it must be noted that while we are live, filling orders and secure, our work is ongoing and we expect some bumps and bruises as everything comes together so please be patient with us as we flush out the bugs and feel free to alert us at digital[at] to report any issues that may have slipped our notice.

For a full accounting of the new features on the site see our new mail-order blog.

Orthrelm to play at Animal Collective-curated ATP


Orthrelm, with Mick Barr on guitar and Josh Blair on drums, will play at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival curated by the band Animal Collective.
The three-day music festival takes place in Minehead, United Kingdom, from May 11 - 13.

Barr is known for his incredible guitar skills. The record is written in the band's own language, and it's one of the first things someone played for me in the office when I started working here because there's just nothing else like it. There's nowhere to even begin wrapping your head around the record - he's extremely adept at playing guitar ... and very fast.

We currently have Iorxhscimtor in stock on LP.

Mick also played in Crom Tech. We have that self-titled LP in stock as well, and it's on sale!

Congrats to Orthrelm for this great nod to their talent.

Welcome To The New Web-Store


We have launched a major upgrade to the Dischord store which includes a brand new interface for the store and several new features that our longtime customers have been asking for, such as single file album downloads and a simplified check-out system.

The Dischord web-store carries hundreds of releases from bands and labels related in one way or another to the DC underground. The new store interface presents many more Featured Releases sections and clear navigation directly to the artists and labels whose releases we carry.

The Stuff We Sell store page also features this new blog which will be maintained by our mail-order guru, Rebecca, and will present news, updates, and general useful tidbits more specific to our mail-order customers. Read about the new store features after the jump!

Single File Album Downloads: We now offer the option to download your MP3 album purchase as a single compressed Zip file. This file will expand into a folder containing album tracks once it is downloaded and opened on your home computer. Please note that although these files are compressed they are still quite large and may take a long time to download without a high-speed internet connection. If you do not have a high-speed connection or simply prefer to download your MP3 tracks on at a time you may still do so. Your personal "My Account" page is where you will manage your tracks.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend using our download service unless you have a modest technical understanding of your home computer and its music software. Download times vary and can be quite long for single file album downloads. Dischord cannot be held responsible for customer software or hardware systems that may be incompatible with the delivery or functionality of Zip files or MP3 music files, nor can we be held responsible for any damage incurred by the improper handling of these files. Dischord does not support third party download managers, which can flood our system with unsupported data requests and compromise your tracks. If you have any questions you may call us at 703-351-7507 or send an email to [email protected]

Single Page Checkout: We have simplified our check-out process to a single page that adjusts to the shipping and payment options your select. If you have purchased digital albums or tracks, or vinyl with free MP3s, you will be able to download your material immediately upon check-out, without having to navigate to another part of the website.

Commenting: We are experimenting with adding comment sections to our news items and release pages. Commenting is available to account holders and will be monitored. We encourage the respectful exchange of ideas and opinions but we are not interested in noise or bigotry so, you the right thing.

New Store Interface: Our new store interface relies more on Featured Releases sections and a more powerful search function to guide you to the many kinds of Dischord and non-Dischord content that we carry. We've never had a problem featuring Dischord stuff but we also carry hundreds of very cool CDs, LPs, Books, etc. from other Washington, DC related bands and labels and we'd like to offer them a better platform to be seen and heard.

Dischord Distribution Changes For 2011


As of January 1st, for the first time in 25 years, all Dischord Records operations --production, distribution, and sales-- will be run entirely out of the Dischord offices in Arlington, VA. In 1983 Ian and Jeff met John Loder and accepted his generous offer to help distribute Minor Threat records in Europe through his company, Southern Studios. This soon led to a 25 year partnership that eventually saw the entire label going through Southern's production and distribution machine in the UK and later in Chicago as well. We've been well looked after by John and his lieutenants Allison, Jam, Danielle, Zespy and many, many others. But John's passing in 2005 coincided with a major transformation in the nature of independent distribution and thus began the gradual unwinding of the partnership. We are grateful for the love, respect and hard work that the Loder/Southern/CID family gave to the label. We literally couldn't have done it without them. But we are not done yet, in fact we are very excited for the future and as long as people find what we do valuable, we'll keep doing it!

Dischord Webstore Currently Offline For Maintenance


The Dischord web-store is currently offline as we undergo a major internal upgrade (4.0!) for 2011. No orders can be processed at this time but we hope to be back online within 24 hours so please check back soon. We will have more information about our store upgrades very soon. In the meantime we apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and continued support!

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