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Dischord Records 4.0 Beta Is Now Live


We have just installed a major upgrade to the internal structure of the Dischord Records website that we hope will better enable us to serve the excellent content that we have to offer. We are thrilled to present some new features which include: single file album downloads, one page check-out, commenting, a new mail-order blog and an entirely new Stuff We Sell store interface.

However, it must be noted that while we are live, filling orders and secure, our work is ongoing and we expect some bumps and bruises as everything comes together so please be patient with us as we flush out the bugs and feel free to alert us at digital[at] to report any issues that may have slipped our notice.

For a full accounting of the new features on the site see our new mail-order blog.


By: Jason R Nelson almost 13 years ago

Great to see you're still going strong :) Keep up the great work!

By: Chris almost 13 years ago

Congrats folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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