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Store Update: NØ MAN - Glitter and Spit


Washington D.C.’s NØ MAN is a necessary and much-needed voice in modern hardcore. Formed in 2017, the four-piece punk band has been alchemizing the personal and the political from the jump. Composed of members from Majority Rule, the band’s current aims go hand-in-hand with their past, sonically and thematically.

Their upcoming album Glitter and Spit is the band’s third full-length The band’s members Matt Michel (guitar/vocals), Pat Broderick (drums) and Kevin Lamiell (Bass) helped lay the foundation for hardcore and screamo in Majority Rule from 1996 to 2004. Alongside the band, vocalist Maha Shami has been a longtime friend, giving a “cameo” guest vocal performance on Majority Rule’s “Packaged Poison” in 2004. When Majority Rule reunited in 2017 to perform multiple benefit shows, it ignited a desire to keep creating, and no one was better equipped to step in as front person than Shami.

Fidelity Jones - Magdeburg Lad EP (Digital Only) Out on April 5th, 2024


Fidelity Jones broke up in 1990. In 2023, the four of them came together for the first time since then to do an interview for a podcast. In the conversation they were reminded that they often included different cover songs in their live performances. Onam (formerly Tomas) mentioned he heard a song that would have been a great candidate back in those days, which led to a joke about booking time at a studio. That joke evolved into a session. Two years spent honing two cover songs, one unrecorded old original, and one new song has resulted in the Magdeburg Lad EP.  Fidelity Jones will remain an ongoing recording entity with plans on making more music in the future.

You can listen to the new song "JOY" on Bandcamp.

Store Update: Continuals - S/t


Continuals are a band from D.C. featuring Michael Honch, Ryan Nelson, and Darren Zentek, all of whom have played in numerous other bands before this one (Soccer Team, Alarms and Controls, Kerosene 454, The Most Secret Method, Hunger Artist, Channels, Office of Future Plans, Minutes, Routineers, etc.). They've released two digital EPs and a flexi-disc single prior to this self-titled LP. The album features 13 songs recorded at The Magpie Cage in Baltimore by J. Robbins, guest vocals by Melissa Quinley (Soccer Team) and Erin Nelson (Beauty Pill), a cover photo by Meredith Bragg, and illustrations by Ryan Nelson.

Store Update: Tramuntanas LP


Tramuntanas, a new instrumental duo from Baltimore, features Asa Osborne (known for his work with Lungfish, the Pupils, and Zomes) and Canadian sound and video installation artist Shan Collis. Their debut LP will be self-released on March 22, 2024, and the band will be performing shows throughout the spring and summer.

Store Update: Wolves Again 7"


We're all familiar with this story: the pandemic struck, and people found themselves confined to their homes, left alone with their thoughts. Amidst various musical projects, Shelby Cinca reached out to his former bandmates with the idea of creating instrumentals in the style of Frodus—a desire that had never materialized during the band's active years. Despite the challenges of life and logistics, the project began to take shape as Nate and Shelby brainstormed and organized their ideas. They recalled an offer from their fellow DC friend and prolific musician, Aaron DC Edge, to provide raw drum tracks. Shelby accepted Aaron's offer to kickstart a rhythmic foundation, and soon the project came to life. Some tracks remained faithful to the original demos, while others underwent substantial editing. Eventually, songs began to take form in an organic manner, despite the geographical distance between the collaborators. The 7" is now available on Lovitt Records.

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