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Remastered Edition of Fugazi "7 Songs" 12" EP Now Available


Fugazi's debut 12" EP "7 Songs" has been recut from the Silver Sonya masters at Chicago Mastering Service and is now available from our website and will soon appear in stores.

You can read more information about Dischord's remastered vinyl series here.

Dischord At Rock N' Shop On Sun Dec 21st


Dischord will be selling stuff at the annual Rock N' Shop (a rock & roll garage sale) on Sunday December 21st at the Black Cat in Washington DC.

We'll be selling the newly remastered vinyl as well as other new and old Dischord and Dischord-related stuff including: LPs, CDs, Books, DVDs, and Cassettes, as well and free and reduced price stuff. Come on by and say hello!

Both Remastered Dag Nasty LPs Now Available


The Dag Nasty 12" LPs, Can I Say and Wig Out At Denkos, have both been recut from the Silver Sonya masters at Chicago Mastering Service and are now available from our website.

Both albums have also had their cover graphics updated and feature a free MP3 download. To read more information about Dischord's remastered vinyl series go here.

US Postal Service Shipping Bug Fixed


In order to calculate accurate shipping quotes for our customers this website links directly to software provided by the US Postal Service.

According to the USPS they have "continued to experience intermittent system interruptions" in their service and this has resulted in several of our customers experiencing "system errors" when attempting to checkout from our store.

The USPS is working to fix the bug in their shipping tools but in the meantime we have installed a back-up system for calculating postage if/when the USPS software fails in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions about your order or continue to have difficulty please email us at orders[at] or call 703-351-7507.

Holiday Shipping Reminders


Please be advised if you are ordering items for the holiday season that our delivery estimations are based on the date your order is shipped and not necessarily the date it is ordered. The vast majority of our packages go out within 48 hours (and in may cases well before that) but once they are out the door a specific delivery date cannot be guaranteed.

Also, during the high-volume holiday season packages can sometimes take longer to arrive from the USPS than normal. While Media Mail packages generally arrive within 7-10 days of being shipped they can sometimes take up to 3 weeks to deliver. If you need your order to arrive by a certain date you may want to consider using First Class or Priority delivery options.

Gift Packaging for Vinyl: Please note that Basla routinely removes the records from their covers before shipping them to prevent the periodic tearing of covers from records moving inside the sleeve. If you're ordering vinyl as a gift and would prefer for the record to remain in its shrink-wrap please include a note and we'll keep it sealed for you.

Here are some popular gift items:
20 Years of Dischord Box Set
Banned In DC: Photos and Anecdotes from The DC Punk Scene '79-'95
Fucked Up and Photocopied
Punk Is Dead, Punk Is Everything
Radio Silence
Fugazi Instrument DVD

Medications & Edie Sedgwick to Tour in March, Looking For Dates


Medications is touring with Edie Sedgwick from March 11 - March 28 from Washington DC to Texas and back. If anyone East or slightly West of the Mississippi is interested in booking a show,
please email justinmoyer[at]

Dischord Vinyl Remastering: Minor Threat, Faith/Void, One Last Wish, etc.


Due to the renewed interest in vinyl LPs Dischord Records is remastering and re-cutting much of our vinyl catalog here in the United States. We will begin by re-pressing current titles, and later re-issuing others, all re-cut at Chicago Mastering Service and featuring complimentary MP3 album downloads. This move will coincide with a small but long overdue price increase (from $10 to $11 on Dischord 12" LPs and from $8 to $9 for 12" EPs) that will begin with newly pressed titles and extend to all titles in January 2009.

The following remastered vinyl titles are available NOW:
Minor Threat Out of Step 12" EP (now on 45 rpm, new cover from original drawings, black vinyl)
Minor Threat First 2 7 inches 12" EP (now on 45 rpm, new yellow cover, black vinyl)
Faith/Void Split LP (on purple vinyl)
One Last Wish 1986 (first time on LP!)

Many more remastered titles will be available on 12" LP in the next weeks and months so stay tuned.

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