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Orthrelm to play at Animal Collective-curated ATP


Orthrelm, with Mick Barr on guitar and Josh Blair on drums, will play at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival curated by the band Animal Collective.
The three-day music festival takes place in Minehead, United Kingdom, from May 11 - 13.

Barr is known for his incredible guitar skills. The record is written in the band's own language, and it's one of the first things someone played for me in the office when I started working here because there's just nothing else like it. There's nowhere to even begin wrapping your head around the record - he's extremely adept at playing guitar ... and very fast.

We currently have Iorxhscimtor in stock on LP.

Mick also played in Crom Tech. We have that self-titled LP in stock as well, and it's on sale!

Congrats to Orthrelm for this great nod to their talent.

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