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Dischord Digital Downloads Are Now Available From This Website


The entire Dischord catalog is now available to download in the form of high quality (320 kbps), non-restricted (DRM-free), mp3 files directly from this website.

This Dischord "digital" site offers a unique hybrid of the direct sale and subscription based download services (as well as the usual CDs, LPs, DVDs, etc). Customers have the option to download entire albums for a set price (usually $7), purchase Digital Credits (15 credits for $10) that can be used to download individual songs, or receive a free album download with the purchase of a 12" vinyl LP from our store.

We have also added a media player to our site which which features streaming songs and video from Dischord artists. Content for the media player will be updated continually as we find and adapt high quality material from our archives and from users. In the future we will also add more cool features to the player so stay tuned.

This "digital" website (dischord 3.0) was programmed and built by Jerrod Blavos of Indierockmedia with front-end design and concept contributions by Pau Santesmasses. The project is managed by Alec Bourgeois of Dischord Records. Special thanks go to our support team at Datapipe, Jay Gordon, Jeremiah Sullivan and Bill Dolan. They go above and beyond for us and we can't thank them enough.

This website will always remain a work in progress and we welcome any comments or critiques from our fans and customers. If you do experience difficulties or spot bugs please contact Alec at add_hider('digital', 'Digital Help',"") and he'll try to address them ASAP. You can also direct questions about items in our store to Basla at add_hider('orders', 'Order Help',"").


By: Thorsten Bludau about 6 years ago

Hey Alec,

Last night I bought a copy of the Chain And The Gang: Experimental Musix vinyl and just tried to redeem the the Free MP3 download. Unfortunately the code doesn't work.

The DL codes is mheA325J51QL. Could you please ccheck?

Thanks a lot in advance for coming back.

Looking forward to hear from you

All the best

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