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Sale On All Slowdime Records Titles


In going through our warehouse we came upon several boxes of CDs and LPs from Slowdime Records and decided to use this discovery as an opportunity to put a spotlight on the bands that recorded with this important label. We'll be selling all Slowdime albums for $5 per LP and $4 per CD while supplies last.

Slowdime was founded by Amanda MacKaye and Juan Luis Carrera in 1996. The label's intent was to offer an outlet for some of the younger and more experimental bands that were making noise in the DC underground at the time. The first Slowdime release was an LP by the highly influential avant-hardcore band Meta-matics. The next several releases, by ex-Hoover mates Regulator Watts, Kerosene 454, and All-Scars were released in conjunction with Dischord Records.
Slowdime eventually dropped the Dischord half-label affiliation but Dischord continued to act as a partner, offering full production and distribution services. Amanda, who had previously run Sammich Records, decided to move on shortly after the first releases, and John Wall, bassplayer for Kerosene 454, soon joined Juan as partner until 2002 when the label became inactive.

Slowdime cultivated bands from seemingly disparate DC scenes. Bands like Meta-matics, Meltdown, The Crainium and Chrom-Tech–were experimental in nature; and those like Regulator Watts, Kerosene 454 and Most Secret Method were post-hardcore bands with experienced pedigrees that were dedicated to the DIY touring circuit. Bands like Golden and The Sorts straddled the two. Over time Slowdime also began releasing albums from bands outside of the DC scene altogether. HIM, Victory at Sea and Three Second Kiss were introduced to the label as touring partners of bands that were already on the roster.

Slowdime was an important label, especially for the time period in which it existed. So-called "alternative music" had just begun to assert itself into the consciousness of mainstream culture and bands were either trying to take advantage of this recognition or were redoubling their efforts to remain both independent and artistically relevant. In retrospect it is clear that the boldness of bands like Meltdown, Crainium and Crom Tech, bands that completely freaked out some of the most "alternative" sensibilities, set a standard of clarity and bravery for a generation of experimental bands that are just now finding success and acceptance. It's no accident that bands populated with ex-Slowdime members and ex-tour mates of these bands popped up in the vibrant new millenium scenes in Baltimore and Brooklyn.

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