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If you’ve ever looked through the other label “stuff we sell” and thought, “I have no idea where to start,” please allow me to help:

Start with The Shirks.

I just went through and listened (again) to all four of their records (all of which are seven inches), and they’re all equally good. I love this band because they’re a shining example of the very best aspects of a classic punk sound. They’re a contemporary band capturing everything that was (and still is) incredible and inspiring about late ‘70s punk (a time when punk sounded like faster/dirtier/snottier rock n roll) without ripping off any of the greats. Al Budd’s vocal delivery lies somewhere between Stiv Bators (Dead Boys) and Chris Bailey (The Saints), the riffs are killer and constant, the bass lines hit Rezillos quality, and Andy Gale’s drumming (as always) just destroys.

The other thing I love about The Shirks is this: There’s almost no information about them on the Internet; meaning, you have to catch them live or buy their records in order to be in-the-know. In a way, it’s a return to the true spirit of the underground, an underground where you actually have to do some digging to find the worthwhile records. And when you find The Shirks, you've hit pay dirt.

Below are links to each release:

The Shirks Dangerous
The Shirks DC Is Doomed
The Shirks Disease
The Shirks Cry, Cry, Cry
(This last one was recorded by Nikhil and features fantastic cover art by Laura Harris.)

Thanks for reading.


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