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New releases from Zomes, Office of Future Plans, Fulgora


ZomesTime Was
The latest LP from Lungfish guitarist Asa Osborne’s solo project, Zomes, Time Was marks a departure from the routines that he’s established over his last two releases. It’s the first Zomes record be recorded in a studio, rather than on a cassette deck, and also the first to be written as a duo featuring vocalist Hanna Olivegren.
ZomesEarth Grid
The second LP from Asa Osborne’s Zomes project is back in stock on CD and LP. Distorted, cyclical keyboard melodies held together with simple tape-looped drum beats. Preview the whole thing via Thrill Jockey’s here.
Office of Future Plans/DariaSplit 7”
The first in a series of 7” singles from Lovitt Records, this split features new tracks from Office of Future Plans and Daria, a band from Angers, France. The single contains an original song by each band plus 4 digital-only bonus tracks — two of each band covering the other, and two cover songs in honor of the late record producer Iain Burgess. You can preview the record here
Fulgora Risen b/w Artifice
The debut single from Fulgora, a new band that features Adam Jarvis, of Pig Destroyer and Misery Index, on the drums. Two heavy thrash cuts, limited to 100 copies. Nice little write-up here, if you need more info.

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