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Hammered Hulls - Careening Out On Oct 28th


Hammered Hulls’ debut LP Careening will be released on Oct 28th. A new band of long-time players, Hammered Hulls’ music hews close to some of their early influences. Alec MacKaye is the voice, Mark Cisneros is the guitarist, Mary Timony is the bassist, and Chris Wilson plays drums. Careening includes 12 songs records at Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara and Ian MacKaye. The record is up for pre-order via our website and also through our Bandcamp page. The band will be performing shows throughout the fall and winter. 


By: Kevin Ellis over 1 year ago

This band is awesome! It's great to hear Alec singing again. They sound like if Faith and Fugazi had a baby. What a breath of fresh air and creativity! Thanks for putting this out!

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