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Store Update: All My Friends Are Prizefighters


All My Friends Are Prizefighters is a 140 page book by Dan Treado. It started as a photo project in 1988 in which Dan conscripted his friends, most of them involved in the DC punk scene, to trick themselves out in thrift store boxing gear and pose as prizefighters in front of crudely painted scenic backdrops. The photos were taken in Dan’s studio, located directly above the much beloved, slightly sweaty, more than a little bent performance venue called d.c. space. Polaroids shot years later in Paris with willing artist friends round out the collection of images. Finally, writer Kevin Markey’s poignantly crafted fictional snapshots, peppered with the unique details and ripe memories of living in DC in the 80s, add a finely tuned tension to the whole endeavor.

Includes photos of: Brendan Canty, Guy Picciotto, Alec MacKaye, Ian Svenonius, Amy Pickering, Doug Birdzell, Steve Gamboa, and many more!

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