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The Fort Reno Summer Concert Series Needs Your Help


A note from Amanda at Fort Reno:
Fort Reno is getting ready for the summer, wading through an amazing amount of submissions. As I set about building a great line-up of concerts it comes time for me to shake the basket, so to speak.

Although we charge nothing, it actually costs us something to make the shows happen. And we are nowhere near our financial goal to get the concert series up and rolling this summer.

So, if you might take a moment and think about what you would pay to see three bands while you eat dinner or nap in the grass with your canine pal; then take another moment to donate that at It will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking a moment. We look forward to seeing you this summer.


I can be found here: amanda[at]
or on Facebook under "Fort Reno – DC Summer Concert Series"

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