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The Dischord LP Re-Mastered Series


In mid 2008 Dischord Records began re-mastering and re-cutting much of our vinyl catalog here in the United States (after years of making our records in Europe). The first of these re-mastered LPs appeared at the end of 2008 and we will continue to roll out newly re-issued LPs throughout 2009. We began by re-pressing current titles, and later re-issuing older titles, all re-cut at Chicago Mastering Service (many from from the Silver Sonya masters). All the re-mastered albums feature complimentary MP3 album downloads.

For a complete list of our re-mastered LPs go here: Dischord re-mastered LPs

Dischord has always enjoyed very high quality vinyl mastering. For many years much of our vinyl was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London by our friend and partner John Loder, who passed away in 2005. But the metal-work that is used to press vinyl LPs eventually wears out with use and we decided that with John's passing and with a renewed interest in vinyl that it was time to bring these projects back home and pass the torch to Bob Weston and Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service.

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