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Dischord Vinyl Re-issues


Over the last 12-18 months we have re-cut and re-issued over 30 albums from the Dischord back catalog, including the entire Fugazi catalog and a handful of classic Dischord albums that had either fallen out of print or were in needed of a tune-up. All albums were re-cut at Chicago Mastering Service and all feature MP3 Downloads.

This project began when we decided to bring the production of our albums back to the USA after having them made in partnership with Southern Records in Europe for many years. All the albums were then re-cut, either from the Silver Sonya Re-Masters or from the original tapes, at Chicago Mastering Service. Many of these albums feature updated artwork, often from original art pieces and newly found period photos, and some feature bonus tracks.

For a complete list of our re-issued LPs go here.

For a complete list of our re-mastered CDs go here.

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