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Fugazi Live Series CDs Winding Down


The Fugazi Live Series is in its final pressing of physical CDs and many of the 30 show recordings are already out of print. The CDs that are still available are listed on the Stuff We Sell page (at the bottom). All the shows will continue be available to download and a much more extensive Fugazi Live Archive is currently in the works.


By: Bret Moore about 13 years ago

*that* would be an understatement

By: Josh Freed about 13 years ago

Better yet, why doesn't Fugazi play a couple more live shows?

By: Alec B about 13 years ago

Progress on the Fugazi Live A-Z is slow but steady! Should be an incredible collection once it's finished.

By: Joseph Romano about 13 years ago

I am glad that they will remain available for download and I am psyched that a much more extensive archive is on the horizon.

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