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Beauty Pill To Record "In Residence" At Artisphere July 16 - Aug 2


Beauty Pill has been commissioned to record a new album at the Artisphere Black Box Theater in Arlington, VA from July 16 until August 2nd. The entire process will be open to the public with sessions commencing daily from Noon until 10pm.

Band-leader Chad Clark describes the process as such, "I am taking a bunch of existing sketches of varying degrees of sophistication (some are raw, skeletal demos others are more sonically developed) into the room and on that day we will try to bring them into focus and vivify those designs. Since everyone in the band plays multiple instruments, we don't even know what instruments they will play.
We will shape the music communally on that day. This will involve a discussion and scrambling to learn parts. We may discard the sketches entirely and start fresh that day. Or we may grab certain existing parts and supplant others with new performances or... I have no idea what's gonna happen."

Chad will be joined by Basla Andolsun, Jean Cook, Drew Doucette, Abram Goodrich and Devin Ocampo. The finished product will be played at the Black Box Theater in surround sound at a date to be determined later this fall.

For more info visit the Artisphere website.

Beauty Pill have also made the original demo for "Ann The Word" available for download for free here on the Washington Citypaper website.

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