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Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve acquired many new releases from other labels. To see images of each record, take a look at the "Featured DC Bands/Labels" section on our store page (click on the Stuff We Sell tab). For a quick run down of what we picked up and what’s available through our web store, read on...

The GiftMostly in Sickness
This is an eight-song 12 inch released on Amor y Lucha, and it’s a dark and intense rocker throughout. This is the type of record that won’t work as background music. I suggest listening loudly while actually engaging with it: read the lyrics and spend some time with front and back cover art (I’m a sucker for good hand lettering). Songs to obsess over… "Corpse Reviver," "No Nothing," and "Quitter."

The FordistsWatch You
The first thing that should grab you about this record is the cover art (if the tiny jpeg doesn’t appear too impressive, trust me, the 12 inch version looks incredible). A lot of love went into both front and back covers. This is a ten-song LP released from Amor y Lucha. The songs are up-tempo and played with serious precision. Fans of Hoover, Louisville’s Crane, and the mighty Minutemen might be interested in this one. I’m not saying that the Fordists sound like any of those bands… they really have their own sound… I’m just saying that there’s a similar vibe when it comes to song-writing approach. The jam on this record is the second song on Side B, possibly known as “Killed Your Dog.”

More HumansDemon Station
Five-song 10 inch record released on Cricket Cemetery, featuring the work of Clinton Doggett, Andrew Fishbein, and Marko Sonevytsky. The songs are thoughtful and wonderfully produced (the drums sound exactly the way drums should sound – great job, Nick!). Each track is heavily vocal-driven with a focus on a sort of classic rock approach to harmonies. This record is TOTALLY worth it for the songs “Mason-Dixon” and “You’re a Liar” (the latter of which is a particular highlight of the record).

The Bam Bamss/t 7 inch
A three-song 45 with tons of lo-fi pop/garage appeal. I like this record a lot. It’s a return to the hook! Great cover art, too. If you look carefully at the front cover collage, you’ll see there’s a tiny illustrated body builder peeking out from the bottom of Mickey Mouse’s red shorts. The back cover appears to be screen-printed and hand numbered (in crayon).

Hollywood/Mean Jeanssplit 7 inch
This is a two-song split 45 released on Big Neck Records. For those of you who like riffs and hooks akin to the Ramones (should be anyone with a pulse), this record is for you. A perfectly matched split single – it’s tough to pick which side I like better.

The ShondesSearchlights (CD only)
This is a ten-song CD released by Exotic Fever. The Shondes have been around since 2006, and this is their third album. Their sound (bass, guitar, drums, and violin) is polished and super-produced, mixing elements of charged pop, punk, and rock.


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