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25 New Shows Added to the Fugazi Live Series on January 1st


The Fugazi Live Series web archive site kicked off with a bang on December 1st and we've been very encouraged by the positive feedback it has received. In keeping with our plan, we uploaded an additional 25 concert downloads on January 1st and we'll continue doing this each month until we reach our goal of making every Fugazi concert recording in our collection available.

The following concerts have been added to the site and are now available to download:

05/02/1990 Memphis, TN USA, Antennae Club
08/14/1991 Winnipeg, MB Canada, Duncan Arena
05/14/1992 Manchester, England, Irish Centre Ardri Hall
05/31/1992 Barcelona, Spain, Zeleste 2
06/16/1992 Munich, Germany, Theaterfabrik
07/25/1992 Washington, DC USA, US Capitol Plaza Supreme Court
02/13/1993 Orlando, FL USA, Edge
02/20/1993 Greensboro, NC USA, Trim Shop
11/20/1994 Silver Spring, MD USA, Long Branch Community Center
04/03/1995 New York City, NY USA, Irving Plaza
04/09/1995 Burlington, VT USA, Memorial Hall
06/20/1995 Rome, Italy, Forte Prenestino
07/04/1995 Hamburg, Germany, Fabrik
07/05/1995 Nijmegen, Netherlands, Doornroosje
11/08/1995 Los Angeles, CA USA, Shrine Auditorium
04/11/1996 Nashville, TN USA, 328 Performance
11/27/1998 Louisville, KY USA, Highland Hall
03/02/1999 Springfield, OR USA, McKensie Ballroom
04/27/1999 Reykjavik, Iceland, National Radio Building
01/18/2000 Fort Lauderdale, FL, Chili Pepper
09/30/2000 Umea, Sweden, Galaxen
10/08/2000 Lund, Sweden, Mejeriet
10/10/2000 Helsinki, Finland, Nosturi
04/20/2001 Indianapolis, IN USA, Knights of Columbus Hall
04/20/2002 Boston, MA USA, Mass Art Gymnasium

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