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We’ve picked up some new releases from other labels in the last week. I’ll post the full list a bit later, but for now, here’s a quick shout-out to a new CD-only release from Noble Task Records:

Garland of Hours Lucidia

This is a 7-song release from Garland of Hours, fronted by Amy Domingues. Amy’s got a pretty interesting history as a working musician in DC (aside from just being one of the better people on planet mud-ball earth). Her work as a cellist is featured on quite a few of the records currently found in your collection, Fugazi, Faraquet, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Bob Mould, Jets to Brazil, Dead Meadow, and Mary Timony (I’m really just scratching the surface). She’s sort of the go-to person for cello work when people make records around here, but I’m always interested to hear her approach to song-writing. This is the 3rd Garland of Hours release, and as per usual, she continues her tradition of shaking things up with a rotating cast of musicians. For this one Amy recruited Stefan Bauschmid on drums, while Mary Timony plays guitar on 3 of the 7 songs.

Fans of our beloved Lungfish may want to check out song #6, “The Evidence.” Garland of Hours took it all the way back to Pass and Stow for their Lungfish cover.
(That being said, my jam on this record is the opening track: “Wive Me.” It’s the perfect opener – sets the tone for the whole album.)

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